SIPs Basics™ – Our New Online Class Series

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of our new online classes – SIPschool’s SIPs Basics™ Online Classes.  Two sessions are up, with two more in the works.  Each session is approximately one hour in length and can be purchased for $24.95 per session on our website at

SIPs Basics™ Session One: An Introduction to Structural Insulated Panels

  • Anatomy of a SIP
  • Different types of Structural Insulated Panels and the manufacturing involved
  • Exploration of SIP materials and performance differences between different cores and skins
  • Engineering and design concerns
  • Where and how to find a panel package
  • and much more!

SIPs Basics™ Session Two: Design and Detailing

  • Standard SIP connection details
  • Design considerations used by Architects and Designers
  • Review of industry standard details in a SIP envelope
  • Strategies for selecting proper panel thickness
  • Importance of designing for both air and moisture
  • Methods to support a SIP roof
  • Siding and roof choices when using structural insulated panels
  • and much more!

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