Reflections on ISOTECNICANUEVE : An International SIP Forum

This trip to Montevideo, Uruguay, is my second opportunity to speak to the international audience that gathers for the annual Isoctecnica Conference.  Our host, Jӧrg Thomsen, is truly an international SIP professional.  His world-wide contacts and mastery of many languages allow him to organize an event that attracts players in the structural insulated panel industry from every continent.  This two day event reaffirms my belief that SIPs are a system destined to change the global building landscape.

What I’m not so sure of  is what the SIPs of tomorrow will look like.  Cultural acceptance, architectural styles and familiarity with various building materials will play a large role in how SIPs are manufactured and used.  Other factors that will have a direct influence include testing, performance characteristics, insurance companies, environmental concerns and cradle to grave analysis.  What works in one country and for one culture doesn’t necessarily work in another.  The skins, cores and adhesives provide countless possibilities for a structural panel.  In North America, (which can claim responsibility for the introduction of the SIP over 60 years ago) you often hear “our competition is the stick framed industry, not each other”.  In Central and South America it appears SIPs major competition is brick and block.

The Isotecnica conference is a great opportunity to see motivated and entrepreneurial professionals mold the SIP industry on a global scale.  Make plans to attend next year’s isotecnicamex IV in Mexico City  March 26, 2012.


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