SIPA’s BEST Program Launched

SIPA and Green Builder College partner to offer online training featuring SIPschool's Al Cobb

After almost two years of development, production and editing, the Structural Insulated Panel Association‘s  Builder Education with SIPs Training (BEST) program is  up and running.  This ten-part video series features  SIPschool’s own Al Cobb, and provides detailed training for builders and SIP installers through a partnership with Green Builder College and generous sponsorship support from BASF.

SIPschool is very pleased to be a part of this program.  Our involvement within  the SIP industry has always had a bias towards training builders and installers.  It is this eye for the details of proper installation that Al has emphasized in this online training series.

SIPschool believes that this program and the promotion of SIP Installer Certification is critical to the growth and acceptance of SIPs in North America.  For too long SIPs have been touted as a do-it-yourself system that requires little or no training. This approach ignores the complexities of the building science issues related to super-energy efficient structures and can lead to less than satisfactory outcomes.  The energy-efficient structures being built today are a complex integration of systems and subsystems.    In the hands of an untrained builder, a SIP envelope may never achieve its optimum energy-efficient performance potential.  When it gets to the point that architects, builders and homeowners demand that the structural insulated panels on their project be installed by trained and certified installers, then we’ll see the growth that the SIP industry deserves.

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