West Virginia’s Most Energy Efficient Structure?

Sharing this with all of you close enough to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia to be able to make the Craftworks Cool Spring Studio Open House in the Eastern Panhandle on September 17.  Al Cobb will be on hand to discuss the energy saving strategies employed in this 2040 sq ft community studio, including the use of SIPs, ERV and ECOP.  The studio will also receive recognition for its Energy Star 5 Star Plus rating.


2 thoughts on “West Virginia’s Most Energy Efficient Structure?

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  1. Where did you get your SIP’s from? How would they compare to Lowe’s? We are in a Master Plan Phase at our Church Retreat Site & are interested in SIP Construction. Thanks for any help.
    Rev. Jim McClure, Spirit Wind Retreat (Network Church), Floyd, VA

    1. To the best of our knowledge SIPs are not an item that are being offered in big box stores. Our sister company, Panelwrights, was the provider and installer on this project. Panelwrights’ crews have been trained by SIPschool and are capable of providing a SIP envelope that delivers optimal performance. Please feel free to give Al or Eric a call in the SIPschool office at 304-876-8494

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