New Addition to SIPschool’s SIPs Basics™ Online Classes

The long awaited SIPschool SIPs Basics Session Three: Installation Basics is now available online.  Director Al Cobb uses this hour-long session to walk the uninitiated though the basics of installing your structural insulated panels.  Course includes:

    • Installation tools common to the SIP industry
    • Specifications and use of equipment for lifting SIPs
    • Overall management of a SIP job site
    • Various fasteners and their use when installing panels
    • Setting the first panel and staying plumb, level and square
    • Description of various sealing products
    • When, where and how to seal, seal, seal for great energy performance
    • SIP Tape: Why its important and when and where to use it
    • Tricks to assembling and rigging panels for safe and efficient installation
    • Step by step explanation of setting roof panels
    • Learning through the mistakes of others
    • and much more

This is just a first taste of what you need to know when tackling a SIP installation project.  For hands-on training, check out our onsite classes here at SIPschool.



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