Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels

Join SIPschool November 3-4, 2011 as we take on the challenge of combining timber framing’s old world craftsmanship with building science and detailing as it relates to super energy-efficient construction.  "Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels" is  a two-day workshop being offered as a pre-conference event for the Timber Frames Guild 2011 Eastern... Continue Reading →

Retrofit Panels Wrap Existing Housing Stock in Affordable Efficiency

In case you haven't heard, the USA is arguably the only country on the planet without a housing shortage.  The Building America Teams with DOE support and funding have been focused not on building better new homes, but on technologies that help make the existing housing inventory more energy efficient. A Nailbase Panel is the... Continue Reading →

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