Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels

Join SIPschool November 3-4, 2011 as we take on the challenge of combining timber framing’s old world craftsmanship with building science and detailing as it relates to super energy-efficient construction.  “Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels” is  a two-day workshop being offered as a pre-conference event for the Timber Frames Guild 2011 Eastern Conference.  This event will take place at SIPschool’s home base in Shenandoah Junction, WV (approximately 33 miles from the Leesburg Conference site).

This training is more than just a SIP seminar.  Director Al Cobb embraces the philosophy that structures are a system and understanding that system is central to durability, efficiency, and comfort.   Set against the backdrop of a mid-1800’s bank barn, this training will begin with classroom lecture in the covered and heated SIPschool shop.  Hands-on training will involve fabrication and installation of SIPs on  mock ups to illustrate proper techniques utilized in a SIP/Timber Frame structure.  This SIPschool training is being sponsored by ACME Panel in Radford, Virginia.  ACME will reimburse the tuition for this training to anyone who purchases ACME Panels within the year.  This session is open to TFG members and the general public.  Register Now


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