Mid-Atlantic Energy Efficiency Conference Nov 14-18, 2011 Morgantown, WV

The Mid-Atlantic Energy Efficiency Building Conference, hosted by Habitat for Humanity of West Virginia, is designed to get as many people as possible on the same page when it comes to the value proposition of sustainable, energy efficient homes.  SIPschool is pleased to be part of this conference, the first of it’s kind to be offered in this region.   SIPschool Director Al Cobb will be speaking Friday November 18 on Deep Energy Retrofits with SIPs.

From the conference website:

 According to builders in the Eastern Panhandle, it’s not enough nowadays to build a beautiful home using quality materials.  Their customers are informed, and are beginning to demand energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance as well as beauty. Our builders say that customers are looking for contractors who understand how the house works as a whole system, and how to save them the best house for the buck. According to research, 25% of new homes nationally are built for Energy Star™ certification. In Ohio, it’s 50%. In WV, we have 3%.  Energy Star-rated homes will continue to grow in demand. They sell faster, and for more. And the word is out on the street…they DON’T cost more to build. It’s all in what the builder/designer know.

Learn more and register (3 days left!) at www.buildthebesthome.org

Conference Tracks, Speakers, and Events

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