SIPschool Student Shares His Story

The story below comes from Carlos, a student who spent time with us last year.  He arrived at SIPschool eager to learn as much as he could about manufacturing and building with SIPs, and followed up formal classroom training with two weeks interning in the field.  Half a year later, Carlos and his brother have set up  temporary manufacturing in Texas before ultimately moving their operation to Honduras.


It all started with a phone call from my brother Billy. He is an entrepreneur who resides in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In midst of other business ventures he develops a new interest in construction and after some research encounters the SIP panel method. His interest was sparked by the cost effectiveness, superior insulation, stability and comfort of SIP panels and knows that this would thrive in the Honduran market.  After further analysis and seeing the potential in this project Billy contacts me and fills me in on what discovered. With my 30 years of experience in manufacturing and quality control he thought I would be the ideal person to pursue this project. This immediately sparks my interest and I start research of my own online. That is where I found out about Al Cobb and his SIPschool. I immediately called them and registered for their next available training course. At the conclusion of the introduction course I immediately knew I had to continue my research extensively when I returned to Texas. The next 6 months consisted of countless hours of reading and further learning. I went on to visit different factories in Alabama, Florida and Texas to become more visually familiar with the construction method. This is where I decided to call Al Cobb and ask him about a possible internship so I could gain some hands on experience. He was on board with the idea and I immediately continued my training. This is where I learned all different aspects of the SIP method and concluded my training. When I returned to home, my brother and I decided that we were ready to buy the equipment needed and that we had to set up a temporary factory in Texas. On January 14, we started the production of the first round of SIP panels fit to all industry standards. Our next step is to move the factory permanently to Honduras and embark on the task of providing a new, safe and affordable way of construction for our people.DSC_0995





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