Used Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing Equipment For Sale

SIPschool continues to be a great resource for buying and selling used SIP equipment.  Our latest:

Black Brothers End-Loading Press and Glue Spreader.  Both of these pieces of equipment have been recently factory refurbished and are ready to ship. If manufacturing structural insulated panels is in your future, contact us for full specs and pricing.

If you’re looking for a particular piece of equipment, or have SIP-related equipment to sell, let SIPschool help you get the word out!

Black Bros Press 2 Black Bros Spreader Black Bros Press 1


10 thoughts on “Used Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing Equipment For Sale

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    1. Can you give us an idea of your equipment needs? We have variety of equipment for fabricating, laminating and pressing panels.

      In addition SIPschool also provides startup consulting and manufacturing employee training, as well as SIP installation and tech assists in the field. We have provided training for Habitat volunteers here in our home state of West Virginia, and our Almost Heaven chapter has been building with SIPs for years.

  1. We build floating cottages and are looking to build some using ZIP panels.For our trials we would like to build some panels using OSB boards and polystyrene sheets.Would like to know what is the glue to be used and how much pressure we have to apply to the sandwich.

    1. It sounds like you’re interested in manufacturing your own laminated panels. It’s important for you to understand the difference between a code-approved, tested panel versus a (shop made) panel. If you’re going to do your own manufacturing, the simplest system is a vacuum press. The glue can be either a moisture-cured urethane or a water-based two-part adhesive. These glues have been tested and certified for their structural qualities. These glues typically are sold in minimum 55 gallon drums but sourcing a smaller amount is possible. Pressures will run b-tween 8-12 psi. Spread rate and time in press is a function of what glue is used and the temperature and humidity at the press. SIPschool provides dedicated consulting for SIP manufacturing startups. Contact us at or 304-876-8494 for more information.

  2. We have a plan for the floating cottage which are 2 rooms in the floor and two in the first floor.We would like to know if it’s possible to build a double storey structure using SIP boards and also how to prevent the noise when some one is walking on the first floor coming to the lower floor?

    1. A SIP is structural by nature and therefore can easily handle the loads of 2 story structures. However, I’d not recommend using SIPs for an interior floor system. There are three reasons I’ll highlight. First, a solid SIP floor makes the mechanicals commonly run through floor systems more difficult. Second, the composite nature of a SIP means contact sounds are readily transmitted through the SIP. The only way to minimize the sound transmission through the floor is to add mass and build in layers, with a combination of air space and dissimilar materials. Finally, conventionally framed floor systems tend to be less expensive.

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