How Low Can You Go?

I often find interesting content on RESNET‘s Facebook page and today was no exception. With the hashtag #howlowcanyougo, followers were prompted to enter noteworthy HERS scores. The question is a great one and engages people in the discussion of energy efficiency, or does it? As I have discussed in a previous post “Real Energy Efficiency Can’t Be Bought” I make the case for true energy efficiency being about the building envelope, SIPs or otherwise. Alternative energy is an effective strategy that should follow, not proceed, building energy efficiency.

2 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

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  1. Been searching all over the place for some one to direct me in the right direction to get information on where to get information on machinery for setting up a small shop to build sips .Where I am located logistics are the most costly was looking in the liquid form of foam to build everything here..Hope some one can direct me to the right people
    thank you


    1. Hello Pat,
      For some reason this just popped up although I see the submittal date is 10/05. Sorry for the delay – do you still need assistance with machinery for your SIP manufacturing?

      Thanks, Annie


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