Established in 2006 by industry veteran Al Cobb, SIPschool provides training and consulting in all areas of SIP construction. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are typically made by sandwiching a core of rigid foam plastic insulation between two structural skins of oriented strand board, metal, or concrete. “I was frustrated with the general misinformation associated with SIPs,” says Cobb. “I felt the industry needed an unbiased vehicle to promote all types of SIPs, backed with solid, fact-based training. In the last nine years we’ve served over hundreds of students here at our home facility and have trained many more at off-site seminars”.

The building industry, including the international community, recognizes the potential of SIPs in all areas of construction. This interest has coincided with the consumer’s growing appetite for green building products and energy-efficient options. “When training ensures the proper design and installation, a SIP envelope can meet all the consumer’s expectations. SIPs provide lower energy costs, reduce our carbon footprint and provide a safer, cleaner and structurally superior building system,” says Cobb. “Pre-planning in a SIP build is an important part of the process. You need to be considering issues such as proper HVAC sizing, sealing strategies, and electrical issues. The R-value benefits provided by SIPs are significant, but unless you’re installing these panels correctly you might as well just leave the windows open.”

Our onsite class offerings include our SIPs 201 Owner/Builder, SIPs 202 Two Day Installation Workshop, and our industry recognized SIPs 301 Certified Installer for SIP Professionals.

Can’t make it to Shepherdstown? Check out our SIPs Basics Online Classes. Need more advanced training? We’ll bring SIPschool to you! Let our staff design a custom program for your organization, whether you’re training your SIP designers or your field crew. We also offer SIP Consulting for Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing startups.

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  1. Is there a forum to help homeowners who have discovered improperly installed SIP’s? My house leaks like a sieve and I see the SIP’s have no weather barrier on them. Can anyone help with constructive advice?


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