To Vent or Not to Vent, That is the Question

I received an email today from a homeowner whose architect and GC wanted justification from a SIP expert regarding the question of roof venting on a SIP structure. The roof detail that provides “back-venting” is often called a “cold-roof”. However, in the context of SIPs, it would be far more accurate to refer to the... Continue Reading →

Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels

Join SIPschool November 3-4, 2011 as we take on the challenge of combining timber framing’s old world craftsmanship with building science and detailing as it relates to super energy-efficient construction.  "Wrapping a Timber Frame with Structural Insulated Panels" is  a two-day workshop being offered as a pre-conference event for the Timber Frames Guild 2011 Eastern... Continue Reading →

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