Half SIP Ceiling – An Airtight Lid

The house had a conventional truss roof structure from the start.  Despite the general contractor's love of SIPs, the spans, point loads and floor layout did not lend themselves to the efficient use of roof SIPs. Discussions with the GC revealed the usual concerns over air leakage from the conditioned space into the vented attic.... Continue Reading →

Does an OSB Spline Really Work With My SIP Design?

 I received the following email last week from a consumer who has questions about using splines in SIP walls and roofs. I’ve been researching SIP manufacturers and have a question no one has satisfactorily answered for me. Panels that I have seen in demonstration use a block spline for joining panels although one had framing... Continue Reading →

Are You Cooling Your Building with Lawn Sprinklers?

I visited a local brewpub this past hot and sunny Saturday and noticed a peculiar sight outside this popular watering hole.  Two lawn sprinklers were being used alongside the building, but there was no grass. Evidently the poor business owner is having trouble keeping his establishment cool during these hot days. Using reasonable Building Science... Continue Reading →

Dancing with the SIPA Stars

Just like Jimmy Buffet Parrotheads, year after year Panelheads flock to the SIPA Annual Meeting and Conference.  This year was no exception, with manufacturers, builders, dealers and design professionals gathering in Tucson, Arizona  at the fabulous Loew’s Ventana Canyon Resort April 2-5.  We had a host of speakers, countless committee meetings, a golf tournament, networking,... Continue Reading →

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